30 paintings/30 days

To start my day, each day during September, I’m participating in Leslie Saeta’s 30 painting in 30 days. I get in the studio early, paint a small acrylic painting and post to the 30 in 30 blog. The subject will be a single item; the theme will be texture  and values.

I’ll also post on Instagram, Facebook and here. 

Acrylic landscape on board. 8×10″

Monoprint landscape, acrylic on paper, 6″ x 6″

Daisy, 10×8″ acrylic on board

Poppy; 10×8″, acrylic on board

Greenfields; acrylic monoprint on paper; 6 x 6″

Coneflower; 8 x 10″; acrylic on board   

Chalcedonica; 10 x 8″, acrylic on board                                                         

Apple; 8×10″ acrylic on board