Post-it-Note-book-1On a good day, I go into the studio, pick up a brush and some paint and complete a few quick studies. This turns my key, gets me started for the day. And from there, I move to working on the larger paintings that sit around my studio waiting for completion.

But some days I finish the studies and I’m stalled. So on those days I look for a diversion. Something physical where I work with both hands and make a mess. Here’s one of those diversions. It’s a sketchbook. I cut the inside papers; cut the book board for the outside covers; dyed the fabric, glued the fabric to the book boards; stamped, cut and applied fabric and paper; added some paint; added some silk; created a flyleaf; sewed signatures and secured the whole thing together.

But then I couldn’t stop so I made a cover for my Post-It Notes. Who makes a cover for Post-It Notes?? This cover is wrapped with painted fabric, glued fabric scraps, bits of paint and some stamping. Always know where my Post-It Notes are now!


Post-it Note book Post-it-Note-book-inside