But Fortune Keeps Us WholeJust finished this 18 x 24 acrylic, graphite and charcoal painting. It’s one of three paintings on this particular canvas. In fact, if you look closely, you’ll see bits of all three paintings

Funny how sometimes you’re just not OK with a completed image.If I stare at a painting for a few days and it leaves my empty, I simply start over. But I start over cautiously and judiciously. After all, there may be areas of the original painting worth keeping!

My most used painting mediums are white gesso and gloss gel. The gel I use to create some surface texture but, more importantly, to separate and protect areas. I’ll cover a faulty painting with a layer of gel applied with a painting knife. With the gel in place and dry, I add liquid acrylic to some gesso, cover the surface, then wipe off the gesso I don’t need using a damp shop towel. By repeating the gel/gesso steps I get some amazing depth, textures and color changes.

The gel, of course, gives me a soft, pastel look. If I want warmer, richer colors, I switch to gel medium and glazing medium and transparent liquids. Gel medium is applied and dried; glazing medium with a little color is brushed over the surface and dried. Gel medium, again, then paint etc until I’m happy with the color.

Once I’m happy, a layer of Tri-Art dry media ground gets squeegeed over the entire surface and I switch to graphite and charcoal for gesture and toning of the work.

A final top coat of gel medium then a layer of matte Liquitex acrylic varnish and we’re good to go.