Green sky I’ve been working on a series of acrylic landscapes recently that focus on color, shape and texture only. And except for my need to create an impact with color, nothing else is important.

Color is key to most of my work and in these landscapes I want to push color and color relationships as much as I feel comfortable with. And by color, that of course includes value relationships and intensity. The challenge I’ve set myself is to create as many landscape paintings as I can using the same three colors plus white. The current series is being created using Brown Madder, Olive Green and Indigo.

Field light Most of the paintings in the series are 16×20 and I try to work quickly using a 4" brush which gives me a little less control than I’m used to. By having less control, I focus more to create a balance of shapes and color "chunks".

Although these are mostly fantasy landscapes where nature is the inspiration but not necessarily the final goal, I do get inspired by the world around my studio.