Coffee pot…and a little about the contrasting line quality as well.

Just finished this project painted on a 6″ decorative metal coffee pot with a combination of DecoArt, Jo Sonja and Liquitex paints. DecoArt for the background, Jo Sonja for the pears and Liquitex acrylic ink for the lines.

I have this new dipping pen, similar to one I used when I was in unversity. And the combination of the pen and Liquitex acrylic ink has set me free!! I can control the linework in my projects, adding different nibs with different widths and handling the lines with a controlled application, as in the bottom pattern, and a looser still, like I did around the pears.

The lines are part of my new direction, creating pattern wherever I can on a piece. The pattern at the bottom of the coffee pot was inspired by samples of Indoniasian batik fabric. The lines around the pears were deliberately painted loosely to complement the loose paint application inside the pears. And that loose paint inside the pears was done with layers of Jo Sonja acrylics and glazing medium to create rich color.