Tiled wall Getting packed and organized…well, as organized as I can get…for the Coast to Coast painting convention in Mississauga, Ontario this weekend.

I teach a class on Thursday afternoon. It’s a sold out class of 40 people where we’ll "play" with paint, torn paper, color lifts, drybrushing and stamps.

On Friday, the trade show opens and I have a booth. I have nine new pattern packets with step-by-step instructions for creating the designs on canvas (or any other surface you want). The photo at left shows one of the designs, the Tiled Wall project. It’s painted on an 18×24" stretched canvas. The painted tile background contains a stenciled image and the plate and box use stamped images. Stamps and stencil and the pattern are included in each packet. I’ll have them for sale on my website www.bobpennycook.com sometime towards the end of May. When you purchase the pattern, you’ll also get an access code to a movie clip on my website that shows that various techniques used in the design.

For those of you in Mississauga on the weekend, drop by the booth. I’ll be demonstrating a variety of different techniques using my stamps and stencils.