Two pears Okay, here we go. Lots of pears. I love pears. I love eating pears and painting pears. I love the soft, organic shape of the fruit and I like the variety of textures and colors each piece of fruit has.

The two photos at left show how I used the same pear stencil to create two different looks on two different surfaces.

The top photo if a fabric collage. I dropped wool onto a painted Timtex background; drybrushed a rough cut piece of unprimed canvas with orange acrylic and stamped on a few images; then I stenciled the pears, using a sponge, onto a piece of cotton I had previously dyed a  soft blue.I then sewed the pieces together and added some pine needles which I had dyed black (the dye only took to the top of the needles, which I liked) and a few beads.

Pear panel 3 In this photo, I used the stencil to create a raised textured banner down the left side.

First, I taped off the banner and "buttered" drywall compound to form the base. Once this dried, I positioned the pear stencil on top of the textured panel and buttered drywall compound through the stencil to create a raised, textured fruit design. The two yellow pears were drawn and painted onto the surface.

And still more pears…

One of my project designs is featured in one of the new canvas painting books being published by Leisure Arts Inc. any day now. From the designs Leisure Arts received, the company selected enough to create two books of paintings on canvas. And I’m thrilled to have my project appear on the cover of one of the books (guess which one!!)

Canvas 21 Canvas 11