Skootamatta RiverThis 24 x 24 acrylic painting was started outdoors at the river just around the corner from my place.

I completed the painting in the studio and immedately submitted it to a show where it hung for six months.

One afternoon,  I picked up the painting from the exhibition and temporarily leaned the painting against a cabinet in my studio.

When I returned to the studio that night, the painting had a rough diagonal rip from the upper left corner to the lower right. Little threads of canvas sticking out from all the edges. Something had fallen from the top of the cabinet and aimed directly for the painting. (You have to see my studio to see how this could happen…and believe me, you’ll understand how this could happen!)

I did a Google search to see if I could repair it. Seems that unless one is an art conservator, the consensus is not to attempt a repair.

Perhaps I’ll cut the painting into little pieces and use those pieces in a collage…unless, of course, anyone has a solution to what seems to be a hopeless problem.