Garden fenceArmed with a Krylon spray paint can in each hand, I felt like a combination of Jackson Pollock and Banksy as I sprayed and splotched and swirled and danced fine mists of color over these Masonite panels to create a soft, muted tulip garden. The intent was to create a series of portable panels that I could move throughout the garden to add colour to brighten an otherwise shaded or dull spot. Each panel is about four feet high and two feet wide and I cut each from Masonite using a jigsaw. When finished, I screwed each panel to two tomato stakes and pushed them into the ground.

I first rolled on a couple of coats of a complementary latex outdoor paint. I ripped and cut newsprint into tulip leaf shapes, creating a stencil. Then I attached the newsprint to the panels with a bit of rolled tape then quickly sprayed with a couple of contrasting colours, keeping darker colours to the bottom of the panel and lighter colours to the top. I then cut some stylized tulip flower shapes, placed them on the top half of the the panel and srayed with some mists of warm colours. I used about 8 colours in all and I just kept applying the paper stencils and overlapping the stencils and spraying with colour until I was happy with the effect. And the best part is, I can move the panels around the property as the whim strikes!