Blurred Lines


I was so proud of myself. I took a photo of every step in creating this monoprint. Then I went to load them into my computer, pushed some random button, and now I can't find the photos anywhere. So we'll make do with just this one picture of the completed design.

This is "Blurred Lines" a 6" x 6" monoprint created using a Gelli plate and Golden Open Acrylics. This is my Valentines card to my wife. To me, the landscape is the perfect subject for a painting. Whether I envision that landscape large or micro, the subject always carries significant meaning to me. And I painted that meaning bolder this time by wrapping the landscape in a large heart.

Even though I don't have the stepped photos, here are the colors I used – Quinacridone Magenta; Cadmium Red Medium; Sap Green; Titanium White; Teal; Bronze Irridescent. 

And these are the applicators – a roller, a stiff-bristled brush, a small flat, a credit card and a bamboo stick. While most applicators are obvious, I used the edge of the credit card to create the smaller, horizontal shapes. The bamboo stick I used to create some vertical texture both by scraping off paint from the printed image and by adding paint either to the gel plate or the printed image. 

I started with red rolled over the entire plate then built values of red using additions of white and/or sap green. A little bit of pure white and pure teal finished the piece. I then rolled the gel plate with sap plus red; placed a heart cut from paper over the plate then pulled a last print.

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Wishin’ and hopin’ and prayin’

Wishing, Hoping and PrayingA Valentine’s wish….

A 12 x 12″ mixed media painting on nine four-inch square stretched canvases.

The canvases are painted with unbleached titanium, newsprint, burnt umber a little red, some graphite and wording painted with black acrylic ink and a nib pen. The hearts are bisque ware “iced” with gel medium and painted with brown madder and wiped back to create visual texture. A little white, a little yellow were added for texture and highlights. The middle heart was painted with brown madder and not wiped back – three coats of color. White spatters and lines were added along with some purple glass shards. Then the hearts were glued to the canvas with silicone.

A 10 x 10″ piece of Masonite was screwed to the back with the screws going through the Masonite and the wooden stetcher frames. A sawtooth hanger was added. And there you go!

This is my valentine’s card to my wife…shh, she hasn’t seen it yet. But I wanted to share it with you.

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Two Hearts

This is one of a series of small textile collages I’ve been working on lately. It’s about 6″ x 14″ and built on a Timtex base. Two heartsThis piece started with the wool fibers in the background. By accident one day, we discovered Best’s Harbour a rug hooking studio in a small town near home. The shop had a wall featuring cut wool strips in an amazing array of colorways. Couldn’t resist stocking up on a few colors.

Back in my studio, I played with the strips by dropping them onto the Timtex to create a color pattern. Then I covered the strips with a piece of netting and sewed the netting in place. The canvas is simply a piece I tore from a larger section that I had previously painted with Jacquard Lumiere metallic paint then sewed to the backing.

The hearts started out as Polaroid dye transfers but I liked the positive image better so I three out the negative, which I was supposed to use, and scanned and printed the image onto cotton – twice. The heart is actually Sculpey clay with gold leaf embellishments that I baked onto a ceramic shape. And to finish off the piece, I attached Carolina pine needles.

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