PaintworksHere’s a little project that will be published in an upcoming issue of PaintWorks magazine.

It’s an exercise in texture – almost complete texture. About the only thing not textured is the dot pattern on the vase.

I started with one of the DecoArt colored crackle mediums – Sage Green – then built texture from there. The orange band is terra cotta texture; the vase is layered color on top of the base color. The vase is then sanded creating a mottled look.

The shelf is a couple of layers of texture the painted and drybrushed and the flowers are simply stippled colour using warm, intense colour that I don’t usually feel comfortable with.

I like working with the DecoArt Texture medium.. I start with a darker basecoat colour; apply the crackle with¬† a palette knife then let it dry overnight. The medium cracks as it dries, letting some of the basecoat colour show through. And although I didn’t do it in this project, you can also create colour washes over the medium once the crackle has dried. The colour soaks into the medium creating colour or value changes in your background.

The terra cotta medium is cool too. It looks and feels like terra cotta and can be drybrushed or colour washed to create different effects.