Finally having a new studio built on my property. I’m moving out of the small loft above the garage that I’ve worked in for eight years and into a 20×30 foot space so I can create larger paintings, have a designated spot for videos and add a printmaking work station…and maybe teach a few classes.

This video is a time lapse of the construction to date. Its’ a five minute video showing the first five days of construction. There’ll be a cathedral ceiling with skylights; horizontal windows to allow for more usable wall space; in-floor heatting for toasty toes and a garage door with roll-down screen at the front to allow north light in during spring, summer and fall.

I’ve worked in damp basements, tiny lofts, extra bedrooms, industrial rental units but this is the first time I’ve owned a studio designed to fit my needs. Getting excited to move in.

Video is courtesy Quinte Home Solutions the design/build contractors.