Snow ImageStill working on a series of 9×12 paintings but my subject has morphed from a macro landscape of a particular flower to a wider, more tradtional landscape view.

I’m surrounded by appealing landscape here in my new home out in the country but I still seem to be pulled back to the city landscapes. This image – Professors Lake Winter – is based on a photo I took of a small suburban lake. There were actually many houses in the photo but I took some license to create a less obvious city landscape.

For these landscapes I’ve been using a split complementary tetrad palette of yellow-orange, yellow-green, red-violet and blue-violet. And included white to lighten and purple to darken the colors.

Plan to do some more plein air painting but there were two bear sitings in our neighborhood last week and today, a snapping turtle hissed at me as I got too close, watching it saunter across our property to the sandbanks out front. My studio seems like a pretty safe place right now.